Advertising / Ad Policy

Welcome to Timesof24’s Advertising / Ad Policy page. Here, we outline our guidelines and policies regarding advertisements displayed on our website. At Timesof24, we are committed to providing a transparent and seamless user experience while adhering to industry standards for advertising practices.

Our Commitment to Transparency

Timesof24 aims to maintain clear and ethical standards in all advertising practices. We strive to ensure that advertisements displayed on our platform are relevant, non-intrusive, and compliant with legal and ethical guidelines.

Types of Advertisements

We may display the following types of advertisements on Timesof24:
  • Display Ads: These are visual advertisements that appear on various pages of our website.
  • Sponsored Content: Occasionally, we may publish sponsored articles or posts. Sponsored content is clearly marked as such and adheres to our editorial standards.
  • Affiliate Marketing: We may participate in affiliate marketing programs where we earn commissions on purchases made through links on our site.

Ad Placement and Policy

  • Placement: Ads are strategically placed to minimize disruption to user experience while maximizing visibility and effectiveness.
  • Policy: Timesof24 reserves the right to approve or reject any advertisement based on relevance, quality, or appropriateness. We do not endorse products or services implicitly through advertisements.

User Privacy and Advertisements

We prioritize user privacy and data security. Timesof24 does not share personal information with advertisers without explicit user consent. Advertisements displayed are based on contextual relevance rather than individual user data.


Advertisements are selected based on relevance to our audience and alignment with our content.

Yes, all ads undergo a review process to ensure they meet our standards and guidelines.

Timesof24 may use cookies or similar technologies to improve ad targeting and effectiveness. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.


At Timesof24, we believe in maintaining trust and transparency with our readers. Our Advertising / Ad Policy ensures that our advertising practices align with our commitment to delivering valuable content while respecting user privacy and preferences.