Reality or Fiction: Unraveling Widespread Myths About Sleep for Improved Effectively-Being

Have you learnt that sleep accounts for almost one third of our lives? Our each day routines are incomplete with out high quality sleep, which performs an important function in our survival. Till the early 1950s, sleep was typically regarded as a passive exercise the place the physique and mind stay dormant. Nonetheless, that wasn’t the case. Over the previous few many years, numerous research have revealed that our mind is engaged in a number of important actions whereas we catch some sleep at night time.

“Sleep is an intricate and sophisticated mechanism which has been studied by researchers from world wide. Some deceptive sleep myths could also be misunderstood as information. Many people could have steadily heard and even skilled them. From normalizing cat naps to overcompensating for sleep through the weekends, a few of these habits and notions could lead to poor sleep cycle that might negatively have an effect on an individual’s well being,” says Dr YongChiat Wong, Group Scientist, Medical & Technical Affairs, P&G Well being – Asia Pacific, India, Center East, and Africa.

In quite a few research, poor sleep has been linked to elevated dangers of weight problems, diabetes, heart problems, and different circumstances. So, it’s time to deal with a few of these myths and say sure to embracing information about Zzzs. Dr Wong busts a few of these myths.

Fantasy 1: 7 hours of sleep is the important thing to a wholesome sleep cycle.

Reality: It’s not fairly solely concerning the amount of sleep however high quality additionally issues

An grownup wants at the very least seven hours of high quality sleep every night time. However then, even in case you sleep for 7 hours a day, chances are you’ll not at all times have the ability to reap the advantages. What issues is the standard of the seven hours of sleep. Sleeping for the beneficial variety of hours is important, however how nicely you sleep can gauge the standard of your sleep. It particularly entails figuring out how peaceable and restorative your sleep is.  Length, Continuity and Depth of sleep are Three key parts of excellent high quality sleep.

Fantasy 2: Poor sleep doesn’t have an effect on your temper and psychological well being subsequent day

Reality: Poor sleep interferes together with your each day actions

Sleep has a right away affect on our psychological alertness and emotion regulation. Therefore steady lack of sleep could have antagonistic results on our psychological well being along with the bodily results. Lack of sleep could make you’re feeling like you will have a shorter fuse or discover it harder to focus on the duty at hand. In accordance with the ZzzQuil India Nationwide Sleep Survey by Kantar1, 9 out of 10 respondents reported that they really feel an affect of not sleeping nicely on the earlier night time and near 60% stated that sleepiness has interfered with their each day actions. Greater than 80% agreed that due to lack of sleep, job stresses had been a lot tougher to deal with.

Fantasy 3: Stress disrupts your sleep cycle.

Reality: In addition to stress, there are different components that may disrupt your sleep cycle.

Whereas stress possibly one of many frequent components disrupting a lot of our sleep schedules, there are different components that may have an effect on our Zzzs. Publicity to blue gentle emitted by your units could cause you problem in falling asleep by decreasing your physique’s manufacturing of Melatonin, a pure substance that helps and induces high quality sleep. In the identical ZzzQuil India Nationwide Sleep Survey, near 54% cited digital and social media habits as the first cause for sleeping difficulties, thereby leading to a poor sleep routine.

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Fantasy 4: Poor high quality sleep is regular and acceptable

Reality: Poor high quality sleep shouldn’t be ignored.

Melatonin is a key physique substance for regulating sleep. The pineal gland is the first producer of melatonin. About 80% of melatonin is produced and secreted by our physique at night time as a result of darkness will increase its synthesis. The manufacturing of melatonin peaks in childhood however progressively declines with age. This might lead to a rise within the prevalence of sleeping issues as we age, along with our life-style adjustments. Therefore, good high quality sleep ought to by no means be taken as a right.

Fantasy 5: Sleep has no hyperlink to my immune well being

Reality: Poor sleep can disrupt immune processes.

Research have proven that individuals who have lower than 7 hours of sleep are about Three instances extra more likely to get a chilly an infection than those that have greater than eight hours of sleep each day. Our sleep cycle communicates tightly with our immune system. Inadequate sleep could result in a discount within the manufacturing of sure immune cells and antibodies which are necessary in preventing in opposition to infections. Sleep can be equally necessary for bodily restoration and physique restore. This results in serving to our physique within the restoration throughout illness.

Fantasy 6: Sleep aids are addictive and could also be habit-forming

Reality: Melatonin sleep complement is non-addictive.

Not all sleep aids are addictive. Melatonin is launched naturally by your physique each night time. It acts primarily as a coordinator in your physique for sleep, i.e., signalling to your physique when it’s time to go to mattress. Melatonin sleep dietary supplements assist to complement your physique’s melatonin stage that will help you go to sleep quick that’s non-addictive and with out next-day drowsiness. You possibly can incorporate melatonin dietary supplements into your routine for a wholesome sleep along with common train and correct sleep hygiene.

To encourage you to get an excellent night time’s sleep, listed here are some ideas –

  • Maintain a constant sleep and wake schedule, even on weekends.
  • Reduce digital machine utilization earlier than bedtime. Bear in mind to additionally flip off or put digital units to mute earlier than setting them apart, to assist forestall disruptions throughout sleep!
  • Restrict your caffeine consumption at night time.
  • When life retains you up typically, sleep dietary supplements containing melatonin, corresponding to Vicks ZzzQuil Natura, could assist. Melatonin helps you go to sleep quick, with no next-day drowsiness and is non-addictive.

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